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September 13, 2019
Women in AG - BB1

New pathotype of clubroot identified in Manitoba

Manitoba Agriculture reported a new strain of clubroot of canola was positively identified in the rural municipality of Pembina. Traditionally rated “resistant” or “R” canola varieties will not be effective in preventing clubroot infection against this pathotype strain.

North Dakota breeders release new flaxseed cultivar with higher yield

A new brown-seeded flaxseed cultivar, ND Hammond, was released in 2018 with resistance to Fusarium wilt and flax rust diseases. Sufficient seeds will be available for growers to plant in 2020.

Canadian ag innovators participate in pitch competition to win $1M in funding

October 1 and 2 marks the first-ever Nurtien Radicle Challenge Canada, a two day pitch competition for ag and food technology innovation where a $1 million USD investment will be made in the winning idea.
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Results with less time in the field

Less time in the field means more time to accomplish other things on your to-do list. Phosphate-based MicroEssentials® delivers two forms of sulfur: sulfate and elemental. One nourishes plants right away, the other throughout the growing season. Because of its Fusion® Technology, each MicroEssentials granule is nutritionally balanced to avoid hot spots and increase nutrient uptake. With your soil fertility covered all season long, your crops will be set up for maximum yield potential and you’ll have more time to do the things that matter to you. » Learn more
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Stay on the safe side with pre-harvest glyphosate

Improper usage of glyphosate could threaten market access for Canadian grain and, ultimately, limit the herbicide’s longevity in Canada. This article breaks down the timing guidelines for pre-harvest glyphosate for a range of crops and myths about its effectiveness as a desiccant. » Learn more

Invasive species threatening agriculture: Be aware and prepared

Alberta is virtually rat-free, in part due to the province’s effective Norway rat program. However, a different pest has come onto the scene. Wild boar made national news in 2018 and since then the province has been testing different management strategies to help producers cope with this invasive pest. » Learn more
TCW Podcast - SS2

Podcast: Growing winter wheat after a bad season

Ontario saw poor winter wheat survival in 2019, in part because of wet weather in the fall and spring. To avoid a repeat season, growers are exploring how to ensure their crop gets off to a good start. In this episode, Joanna Follings discusses some of the risks of planting early, ideal seeding rate and depth, along with some input considerations for a good winter wheat crop.

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