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Serious seed protection from flea beetles and cutworms.

Serious seed protection from flea beetles and cutworms.

When you've planted Lumiderm™ treated canola seed, your crop will gain an advantage over both cutworms and Flea Beetles. This enhanced protection is critical during the first few weeks of seedling growth, which will allow your canola crop to thrive. Not only does Lumiderm provide enhanced protection on both cutworms and Flea Beetles, it also has led to substantial increases in plant vigour and biomass.

Here's what you need to know:

  • Enhanced crucifer and striped Flea Beetle protection
  • Excellent control of early season cutworms
  • Excellent early season seedling stand establishment, vigour and biomass
  • Up to 35 days of protection through the critical stages of seedling growth
  • Novel class of chemistry (Group 28) for resistance management
  • Lumiderm resulted in a positive yield advantage 78% of the time across western Canada1with 35% less Flea Beetle damage2 (1.4 bu/ac average yield3 increase)
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1 Results from large scale grower managed field trials across Western Canada in 2015.
2 Source: 192 DuPont Research & Development (replicated) trials and Grower Demo strip trials (2010-2015).
3 Source: Canola yield averaged across 127 Grower Demo Strips, Western Canada (2013-2015).

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