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Wave After Wave of Grassy Weed Domination

Wave After Wave of Grassy Weed Domination

Want unstoppable control of wild oats this year? How about broad-spectrum control of hard to kill grass and broadleaf weeds like green and yellow foxtail, barnyard grass, Japanese brome, redroot pigweed and wild buckwheat too? It’s possible with EVEREST® 3.0 Herbicide, an advanced flucarbazone-sodium formulation.

EVEREST 3.0 delivers powerful, Flush after flush™ control. Grassy and broadleaf weeds won’t stand a chance. Plus, it’s safe on wheat thanks to safener technology that provides highly selective, best-in-class crop safety.

EVEREST 3.0 has a wide window of application, so you can spray whenever you need to. It’s also tank mix compatible with multiple tank-mix partners making it very easy to use. You won’t find a better option in a Group 2 Herbicide, especially when it comes to hard to kill weeds.