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Take Control of Grassy Weeds With EVEREST<sup>®</sup> 3.0

Take Control of Grassy Weeds With EVEREST® 3.0

It’s time to take control of wild oats and hard to kill grass and broadleaf weeds. With EVEREST® 3.0 Herbicide, you get unstoppable performance against weeds like green and yellow foxtail, barnyard grass, Japanese brome, redroot pigweed and wild buckwheat. EVEREST 3.0 offers an advanced flucarbazone-sodium formulation with new carrier technology, bringing greater stability to the active ingredients and ensuring ease of use.

Flush After Flush™ Control
EVEREST 3.0 is relentless. Its lasting residual activity destroys grass and broadleaf weeds well after application. Plus, it’s safe for your wheat crops thanks to safener technology that provides highly selective, best-in-class crop safety.

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