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<center>Because you learned from the best, who learned <br>from the best, who was self-taught.</center>

Because you learned from the best, who learned
from the best, who was self-taught.

You come from a long line of hard workers, risk takers and quick thinkers. Generation after generation, season after season, you share one common goal – getting more out of every seed, every row and every field.

  • If your concern is hard-to-suppress diseases in your canola, use Proline® fungicide for reliable protection
  • Prosaro® XTR increases yield, protects against FHB and helps your cereal crops more efficiently mitigate stress
  • Trust Delaro® fungicide for first pass, broad-spectrum disease control and residual protection in your pulse and soybean crop
Ensure your crops are safeguarded against some of the toughest diseases with Bayer fungicides, so you can get the results you need.


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