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<center>The top prospect this spring for pre-seed weed control.</center>

The top prospect this spring for pre-seed weed control.

After a long winter, you’re eager to get your crop in the ground. But to set yourself up for a successful canola harvest you should be thinking about pre-seed weed control.

When it comes to reducing competition from weeds for soil nutrients and moisture, it’s best to start early. A pre-seed burn-off can help control invasive weeds, which is especially helpful during a warm and wet spring when the germination period for weeds is shortened.

To give your canola the best start possible, go for powerful tools that can benefit your crop even before it’s in the ground. Prospect, a new pre-seed herbicide from Corteva Agriscience, is designed to safeguard your canola from the ground up, providing better results than you’d get using glyphosate alone.

When tank mixed with glyphosate, Prospect provides three modes of action that not only delay the onset of herbicide resistance, but provide enhanced control of weeds such as cleavers (both overwintered and group 2 resistant biotypes), hemp-nettle, narrow-leaved hawk’s beard and many more.
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