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Planning for a Harmonious Holiday Season and a Bright Future
  While the holidays will look quite different for many families across the country this year, farm families will likely still face some classic challenges.

But there’s good news too. With a few simple practices, you can lay the foundation for a peaceful holiday season—and a bright future.

Consider these steps
One of the best ways to foster family harmony is by getting a little more organized in how you make family decisions. This can be as simple as having regular family meetings, or can involve something more formal like a family assembly, council, or constitution.

Regardless of the steps you take, the purpose is to create a well-understood decision-making process. This makes it easier to achieve your goals, like building a stronger family and business, planning for the future and preserving family values, traditions and history.

Simple tools to help
Although setting up a family decision-making process may sound daunting, there are some simple ways to start. To get things off the ground, it may help to identify family champions (to schedule regular family meetings, for instance) or get the support of an experienced business advisor.

You may also consider finding a collaborative consultant—someone who is experienced working with families and businesses to help you drive consensus, facilitate buy-in and mediate conflicts.

Realizing the benefits
Once you begin to clarify how you make decisions as a family, everyone may gain a greater alignment and understanding of goals of your business. Finally, a peaceful holiday season is within reach!