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Fighting a sulfur deficiency starts with identifying one
Sulfur deficiencies have become an increasingly common problem, but they can be easily corrected with proper diagnosis and nutrient application.

The tell-tale symptom of yellowing leaves is often confused with nitrogen deficiencies, but it could point to a sulfur problem. Sulfur deficiencies will often appear as yellowing of new leaves (in the whorl with interveinal striping). If a plant is showing signs of nitrogen deficiencies, the lower (older) leaves will appear yellow. One way to confirm a sulfur deficiency is to compare tissue diagnostic samples of suspected areas and healthy areas.
Take the next step in your fertilizer program with Smart Nutrition MAP+MST®
Smart Nutrition MAP+MST granular fertilizer supplies your soil with all the sulfur and phosphate it needs throughout the growing season. Using patented Micronized Sulfur Technology (MST), elemental sulfur oxidizes faster, allowing for earlier crop uptake and utilization when your crops need it most. Empower your soil with key benefits including:
  • High performance across diverse crop, soil, and environmental conditions
  • Increased nutrient availability for quicker crop uptake
  • Slow release keeps sulfur available throughout growing season
  • Safe for seeds, handling, and storage
Learn How Smart Nutrition MAP + MST can boost your soil's performance and maximize your ROI at smartnutritionmst.com
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