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FP Genetics
Wholly-owned by More Than 160 Local Seed Growers
We are cereal seed experts with the knowledge and facilities that ensure easy and efficient access to all FP Genetics’ varieties. We grow and evaluate every variety FP Genetics brings to the market because we're dedicated to providing superior seed genetics to western Canadian farmers.
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FP Genetics has developed an industry-leading portfolio of certified seed varieties, and we continue to strengthen our line-up with top contenders for the best new genetics in Western Canada. Visit fpgenetics.ca to find a local cereal seed expert and book your seed today!
A Winning Combination of Top CWRS Genetics
AAC Viewfield - CWRS
  • Top of class in standability
  • Semi-dwarf CWRS
  • Good sprouting resistance for high grain quality
  • Easy to harvest
  • Exceptional yielding, top of CWRS class across all prairie provinces
CDC Landmark VB – Midge Tolerant CWRS
  • Semi-dwarf midge tolerant wheat
  • Leading standability in a varietal blend
  • Good sprout tolerance
  • Easy to harvest
  • Semi-solid stem
  • High yielding
A Top-tier Oat Portfolio
CDC Arborg – White Milling Oat
  • Very high yielding
  • Strong straw and excellent standability
  • Early maturing
  • Excellent milling prospects
AC® Summit – White Milling Oat
  • Proven Yields
  • Short stature
  • Excellent disease package
  • Good standability, easy to harvest
  • Desired milling qualities
Pure Pulse Potential
AAC Chrome – Yellow Pea
  • New yield standard for yellow peas
  • Easy to harvest
  • Rated “Good” for seed coat breakage
  • Resistant to powdery mildew
AAC Profit – Yellow Pea
  • Highest yields in black soil zone
  • Increase in protein content
  • Rated “Good” for seed coat breakage
  • Resistant to powdery mildew
Two Row Malt Barley
CDC Copper – Two Row Malt Barley
  • Good standability
  • Short straw
  • Strong leaf disease package
  • Yields rivaling feed varieties
AC® Newdale – Two Row Malt Barley
  • High yielding
  • Good standability
  • Strong disease package, ‘I’ to FHB
  • Retains malting quality under tough harvesting conditions
Exceptional Flax Varieties
AAC Marvelous – Brown Flax
  • High yields
  • Excellent standability
  • Strong disease
AAC Bravo – Brown Flax
  • Strong disease package
  • Good lodging resistance
  • Large seed size
For a closer look at our entire portfolio, including all of our new and upcoming varieties, visit fpgenetics.ca to download our 2021 Seed Guide and book your seed today!
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