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Understanding the impact of soil type on water movement and herbicide efficacy.
Considering a pre-seed herbicide application? Ask yourself these four questions first:
  • What is the soil texture of the field you are working in?
  • Are you using the appropriate rate for the soil type?
  • How much and how frequently has the field received moisture?
  • What affects the availability of the chemistry you are using?
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Water interacts and moves through different soils in different ways. Understanding how these fundamentals affect soil-applied herbicides and their availability to be taken up by germinating weeds can help you make decisions around which herbicide to use for your weed control this spring.
FMC’s “Soil Water & the Activation of Soil-Applied Herbicides” webinar gives you the knowledge to make the right match. View it anytime as part of our FMC Pre-School agronomy series.
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