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Soil is your most powerful machine
Are you applying enough sulfur?
The majority of sulfur present in your soil is in the organic form. Many areas will never experience sulfur deficiency because of the rich sulfur supply from those organic sources, but it’s important to realize that organic matter content and soil test values can be misleading when determining your sulfur fertilizer application rates.

Not all sulfur is taken up at the same time. Since sulfur is immobile within the plant from older tissue, it is critical that a supply of sulfur is available during grain fill.
Small in size. Big on performance.
Smart Nutrition MAP+MST granular fertilizer supplies your soil with all the sulfur and phosphate it needs throughout the growing season. Using patented Micronized Sulfur Technology (MST), elemental sulfur oxidizes faster, allowing for earlier crop uptake and utilization when your crops need it most.

Smart Nutrition MAP+MST integrates micronized sulfur directly into the manufacturing process of mono-ammonium phosphate (MAP) granules. The small particle size of the MST increases soil-to-fertilizer surface area contact which increases sulfur oxidation rates. As the surface area of elemental sulfur increases, so does uptake into the plant.

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