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How Can “Smart” Nutrition Minimize Seed Stress?
One of the more recent problems producers have been facing is the danger of seed injury through salt stress. Field Crop News and their research partners have been looking at seedling injury from ammonia toxicity and salt injury caused by excess fertilizer application. Most provinces have guidelines for safe rates and placement to help minimize salt injury — but starting with lower salt content in the fertilizer itself can also decrease the risk.
The Smaller, Smarter Solution
When it comes to elemental fertilizer, size matters. The smaller the particle size, the faster it can oxidize. Given the right soil conditions and the option to apply in the fall, elemental sulfur sources can help minimize leaching and increase fertilizer efficiency. That’s the promise behind Smart Nutrition MAP+MST, a new product from Nutrien that combines sulfur and phosphate in a single granule.
Smart Nutrition MAP+MST
MAP gets its name from mono-ammonium phosphate, while “MST” stands for “micronized sulfur.” This new product has a salt index of 22.4 compared to other products with phosphate and sulfur analysis, which means reduced risk for burning seed and impeding seedling development. In their latest post, Top Crop Manager takes a deeper look at this issue and shows how you can maximize seed safety with “smart” nutrition strategies. Learn more.

Find out what this new fertilizer technology can do for your growth potential on the Smart Nutrition MAP+MST product page.
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