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Maximize your yield with MicroPhos
Next Generation Fertilizer for Optimum Crop Nutrition
Micro-Phos Micro-Pack, Copper and Zinc provide your crop with everything it requires to maximize growth, nutrient availability and yields. Each nutrient in the soil provides different compounds to give your crops the best chance at maximizing yields. Using a fertilizer like Micro-Phos Micro-Pack delivers the right nutrients at the right time to your crops when they need it most.

AgraCity has the right fertilizer product to ensure your crops are getting the nutrients they need. Micro-Phos Micro-Pack has a guaranteed analysis of 11N-39P-0K-6S, 1.0 Zn, Mo, Mn, B plus Power Phos + PGRs and is good for use on all crops.
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Jim Hoenecke farms 3,200 acres of spring wheat, durum, lentils, chickpeas, peas and barley at Rosetown, Saskatchewan, and has been an AgraCity customer since 2011. Jim has used Micro-Phos on his pulse crops for three years and says, “I like that it handles easily—I don’t need to apply as many lbs/acre, which saves me time and effort at seeding, and I can store the bulk bags in the shed, which saves bin space. The low salt index is good, too. I really liked how my pulse crops looked when I use Micro-Phos.”
  1. Specially designed in Canada for Canadian farmers to maximize crop yields
  2. Contains a proprietary blend of plant growth regulators, shown to promote root growth
  3. Two mechanisms to increase phosphorus availability:
    1. Power Phos shields the phosphorus from ions in the soil that can tie it up
    2. Sulfates lower the pH around the granule to keep the phosphorus in an available form
  4. Uniform distribution of nutrients in every granule
  5. Treated with a dust-reducing coating and screened multiple times for improved handling
  6. Use less product compared to traditional fertilizers
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Chat more with our Agronomic Support Team about what Micro-Phos can
do for your crop yields and soil fertility. Give us a call at 1-833-832-7637.

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line a ring at 1-833-632-7637.