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The Unstoppable Superpower of Pre-Seed
With an early harvest many farmers saw lots of volunteers and winter annuals germinating in their fields this fall. It will be important to get control of those weeds early so your crop can access the nutrients and moisture in your soil and be competitive when it emerges next spring.
Amplify your pre-seed burndown with CONQUER® II.
With constant fluctuations in the market, it’s important that you maximize the effectiveness of your pre-seed glyphosate application. Using products with multiple modes of action in your pre-seed burndown not only slows the development of herbicide resistance but it can also lead to a quicker and more effective burndown.

CONQUER II tank-mixed with glyphosate has an excellent fit ahead of canola. Watch the video below to learn more about this pre-seed burndown option.
Ask A Nufarmer - What is CONQUER II?
Three simple reasons to plan for a pre-seed burndown in the spring.
Set your crops up for success by getting out in front of weed competition with a spring burndown. From cereals to pulses to canola to soybeans, here are some reasons to always plan for a pre-seed burndown in the spring.
Three simple reasons to plan for a pre-seed burndown
Add more power to your pre-seed burndown.
Nufarm has a diverse pre-seed burndown portfolio that manages your toughest weeds early including kochia, cleavers, narrow-leaved hawk’s beard, volunteer canola and more. Tank-mix with glyphosate to get more power and better results from your pre-seed burndown. Plus, each product features multiple modes of action to slow the development of herbicide-resistance.

Meet the products in the Nufarm pre-seed burndown portfolio. Click on the graphics to learn more.
Conquer II
Thunder Hawk
Save on Nufarm pre-seed burndown products.
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Nufarm pre-seed burndown products
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