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CPS Cereals

This is the One

CDC TITANIUM is an excellent choice — anywhere across the Prairies — for yield and agronomics that include a complete disease package. It’s the leading CWRS choice on acres with the potential for midge and rusts. CDC TITANIUM. Proven performance, and more, on farms across Western Canada. This is the one, available only at your CPS retail.
Proven® Seed is a registered trademark of Crop Production Services (Canada) Inc. CPS CROP PRODUCTION SERVICES and Design is a registered trademark of Crop Production Services, Inc. » Learn more



Look to LEMKEN to take your tillage to new levels of efficiency. Built to cover more acres in less time, the Heliodor high-speed disc is the ultimate tool for shallow stubble cultivation and seedbed preparation with maximum seed-to-soil contact. When you need high capacity, one-pass tillage, look no further than the unrivaled versatility of the Heliodor.
Contact your LEMKEN dealer today to set up an in-field demo this spring and experience strategic tillage first-hand. » Learn more


Digital Agronomy Solution

Easy-to-read map layers for fast problem detection
  • Crop Health Maps depict a natural progression of the in-season vegetative health of your crops
  • Scouting Map illustrates the major locations of variability across a field and can help pinpoint areas for investigation » Learn more