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topcropmanager.comAugust 5, 2020

ScherGain Solution System

Finally a simple, safe and easy device that allows farmers to check the amount of grain loss from their combines. It is a pan that has been developed to mount on any combine, any colour or model number without any other attachments. Simply drop the pan when the combine is being operated, clean the sample, measure it in the gauge and check the supplied chart for easy reference of loss/acre. » Learn more

Digital Farming’s Leading Software Platform: Climate FieldView

Uncover valuable insights year-round with tools that help you analyze crop performance at the field level. Sign up for a free trial account at, receive your FieldView Drive™, and start mapping every pass you make in your fields. » Sign Up Now

Check-out the TruFlex advantage.

We have a message for cleavers, foxtail barley, wild buckwheat and dandelions: DEKALB TruFlex canola with Roundup Ready® Technology is coming for you. Flexible application window and spray rates give the TruFlex canola system the ability to control more weeds compared to our previous technology and allows you to spray up to 14 days later into the season. All while providing early maturity hybrids translating into an easier, faster, smoother harvest. » Learn more


Live Webinar: Using your data to make better farm decisions

Join Andria Karstens on Thursday, Aug. 6 at 1pm MT / 3 pm ET for a live webinar to learn more about the Climate FieldView platform.

• Andria will give an in-depth look at the Climate FieldView platform;
• Learn about getting all of your data in one place just in time for harvest;
• See how you can put your data to work to help you make the best decisions for next year.

Webinar hosted by Top Crop Manager and presented by Climate FieldView. » Register for free now!

Inputs: The podcast by Top Crop Manager

INPUTS: The podcast by Top Crop Manager is available for you anytime on any device. Download today and listen to the latest episodes, including:
• Management of stored pulses
• A grain storage primer
• 2020 insect pest update
• Supplementing scouting with digital tools
» Listen Now

Need to showcase your business?

Share your product or services with progressive growers and agronomists across Canada in Top Crop Manager’s monthly digital product showcase! Limited advertising spaces available, please contact us to learn more and book your space in the September grain marketing showcase. » Inquire today!