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topcropmanager.comMay 26, 2021

Cost effective soil sensor and post harvest monitor from Soiltech Wireless

Soiltech have developed a wireless sensor that reports soil moisture, temperature, humidity, GPS location and crop damage. The sensor automatically logs data and sends it to the Soiltech App, which users can view via cellphone or computer. The device can help manage moisture conditions, monitor soil temperatures and can uniquely move throughout the whole supply chain – from soil to trucking and storage. New for 2021, Soiltech has introduced an automated GDD/GDU calculator - enabling users to easily track projected plant health and plan application timing. Entire farming operations can be managed and optimized from a bird’s eye view to help increase yields and decrease inputs.

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Reach Canadian Farms with Top Crop Manager

Top Crop Manager is the magazine of crop production and technology, a specialty agricultural trade publication. In the most general terms, our annual issues address agronomic and industry-related topics with an eye on what is to come in the next one to three years. Download the media kit to learn more about how to partner with Top Crop Manager on your next advertising campaign.

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