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topcropmanager.comJune 7, 2021


AAC Network Winter Wheat: Get more out of winter!

Get more out of winter with AAC Network Winter Wheat. With more drought tolerance, this variety is replacing AAC Gateway Fall of 2021. This milling quality winter wheat stands very well with short, strong straw. AAC Network Winter Wheat has high protein, good winter survival and improved rust resistance. To find a seed dealer near you, please visit www.seednet.ca. » Learn more


Did you know herbicides can cause seen and unseen stress in the plant?

Active BUILD™ can prevent and minimize plant stress not only from herbicides but other types of stress like rapid growth and unfavourable environmental conditions like drought. It provides the highest concentration of NPK available in a single liquid fertilizer solution, an easy to absorb format and two forms of phosphorous. Active BUILD™ will help keep your crop growing strong! » Learn more

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Reach Canadian Farms with Top Crop Manager

Top Crop Manager is the magazine of crop production and technology, a specialty agricultural trade publication. In the most general terms, our annual issues address agronomic and industry-related topics with an eye on what is to come in the next one to three years. Download the media kit to learn more about how to partner with Top Crop Manager on your next advertising campaign.

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