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Proven® Seed has always had a different perspective on corn. Every one of our hybrids is selected for Western Canada to work with your field’s unique conditions. Whether you need early maturity, fast dry down, silage quality or defensive trait protection, there’s a specific high yielding hybrid that’s perfect for your farm. Only available at Nutrien Ag Solutions®.

Visit ProvenSeed.ca/corn to learn more.
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Treat your pea, lentil, faba bean, and soybean seeds with AGTIV® rhizobium liquid. AGTIV® RHIZO • Liquid for PULSES lasts more than 10 days on seed to help reduce your risk and worry.

Plus, did you know? You can help your plants reach water and nutrients faster by using MYCORRHIZAE with RHIZOBIUM. Connect with your Taurus Team for inoculant solutions that fit your operation and early booking programs available.
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