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Shallow banding N risks volatilization loss

The drive for seeding efficiency is causing researchers to question the efficacy of shallow banding nitrogen in their fields.

Assessing broadcast urea losses

Try this exercise: take five $20 bills, scatter them on the ground, then light one on fire and watch it go up in smoke. That’s what researchers at Montana State University found could happen if you broadcast urea fertilizer in the late fall or winter without incorporation.

Pulse rotations offer ongoing N benefits

Pulse crops in rotation provide a range of ongoing benefits to subsequent crops, such as reducing fertilizer costs, providing a break in pest cycles and increasing yield.

Improving nitrogen credit estimates

Improving fertilizer use efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and carbon footprints and thereby improving sustainability is becoming increasingly important to the agriculture industry and its markets.
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Ammonia Volatilization

Protect your nitrogen investment to jump-start the 2017 season

While applying fertilizer over the next few weeks may be appealing to make up lost time from a wet fall, growers should use discretion based on weather conditions.

Ammonia volatilization is a factor that growers should consider if they are trying to make up time lost this fall by broadcasting urea prior to planting. It’s a myth that volatilization doesn’t take place in colder weather.
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