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Organic farming impacts

Many consumers think organic production is better for humans and the planet, but a new University of British Columbia study published in Science Advances finds that might not always be the case.

Carbon dioxide not so good for crops

Although increased carbon dioxide and warmer temperatures generally improve photosynthesis in plants, in tests of increased carbon dioxide, researchers found it changed the plant’s physiology and could affect rainfall recycling - bad news for the planet.

Are you ‘hands-off’ or ‘money motivated’?

Change is never easy. But when it comes to adopting new agricultural practices, research out of the University of Illinois shows some farmers are easier to convince than others.
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Arysta Everest


No other Group 2 herbicide offers the kind of relentless, Flush after flush™ control you’ll get with EVEREST® 2.0. It doesn’t just get the weeds you see, it gets the weeds you know are coming. EVEREST 2.0 delivers superior control of troublesome flushing weeds like wild oats (including Group 1 resistant biotypes). In addition, you get key grass and broadleaf weeds like green foxtail, Japanese brome, tame oats, plus six broadleaf weeds. It works the first time, every time. And it keeps on working with long-lasting, Flush after flush control, reducing the need for an extra pass through the field. >> Learn More

Optimizing desiccants in lentil

Most lentil producers in Western Canada use pre-harvest desiccants in lentil for two reasons: to speed up crop dry down and to achieve perennial weed control going into the next growing season. But the wrong tank mixes – or the wrong timing – for desiccant application may result in unintended consequences. » Read more...
Chocolate Spot

Keeping an eye on chocolate spot

Chocolate spot has devastated fababean crops in Australia and Europe, but so far, western Canadian growers have managed to miss most of the damaging effects of the disease. For instance, chocolate spot was observed in Saskatchewan but quality and yield impacts were not common. » Read more...
Compass Materials

Nu-Trax P+ delivers increased yields and positive ROI in wheat and canola field trials.

Adding Nu-Trax P+™ with CropStart™ technology to standard fertilizer programs for wheat and canola delivered higher yields and positive returns in field trials. Providing the benefit of a starter in a dry fertilizer application, Nu-Trax P+ delivers phosphorus, zinc and other nutrients essential for young plants to thrive. Learn more about how Nu-Trax P+ delivers early season nutrition in wheat and canola crops here. » Read more
Compass Materials

Reap the Benefits of a Starter

Corn acres continue to grow in Canada. How can the benefits of a starter fertilizer improve your yields? Compass Minerals agronomist John Holdsworth discusses this topic and how to add the benefits of a starter to dry fertilizer applications. Explore the benefits here. » Read more

Royal Manitoba Winter Fair

March 27-April 1, 2017
Location: Brandon, Man.
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Spring Workshop on Organic Research

April 7, 2017
Location: Swift Current, Sask.
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Aggie Days

April 8-9, 2017
Location: Calgary
» Learn More