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Safety app strengthens emergency response for rural farmers

The app is suitable for anybody who works, travels or plays alone in rural or dangerous environments, where medical assistance may be far away and difficult to connect with.

Aeration versus natural grain drying

When aerating, only a small amount of airflow [about 0.1 to 0.2 cubic feet per metre per bushel (cfm/bu)] is required. The process of natural air-drying requires much more airflow – between 0.75 and two cfm/bu depending on the crop being stored.

Excellence award for ag winners chosen

The award is designed to help students develop their communication skills by having the opportunity to voice their opinion on a subject related to farm management.
Current Issue 1

Aphanomyces and Fusarium root rots of pulse crops

Root rots are caused by a complex of pathogens. In Alberta pea fields, Pythium species and Rhizoctonia solani were present in many fields. Fusarium was the largest group found on pea roots. In Alberta, F. avenaceum and F. solani are the two major players. These species are more virulent on peas than some of the other Fusarium species. » Read more...
Current issue 2

A look at later seeding for winter wheat

Farmers are thinking about soil health and wanting to increase the time where plants are covering the soil. Winter wheat is one of our best starting places for cover crops in Western Canada. If late planting allows growers to achieve goals related to yield and profits as well as soil management, then this is important to consider. » Read more...

Canada’s Farm Progress Show

June 22-23, 2017
Location: Regina
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Canolapalooza Manitoba

June 22, 2017
Location: Portage la Prairie, Man.
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Canolapalooza Alberta

June 27, 2017
Location: Lacombe, Alta.
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