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Lower grain inspection and weighing fees coming

The Canadian Grain Commission is reducing user fees for official grain inspection and weighing services and eliminating two supplementary fees for overtime related to official grain inspection services.

Misconceptions about farm transition planning

Heather Watson, the executive director of Farm Management Canada, says there are a lot of misconceptions about farm transition planning, making it difficult for many farm families to start the conversation.

VIDEO: Breeding and management of Fusarium in wheat

Anita Brûlé-Babel, with the University of Manitoba’s department of plant sciences, discusses the economic losses associated with Fusarium, how resistance ratings are developed for seed guides and utilizing risk maps.
Current Issue 1

Measuring the effectiveness of sulphur fertilizer forms

Sulphur fertilizer’s form, such as elemental sulphur, gypsum or ammonium sulphate, affects its behaviour in the soil and its availability to the plant. The best form depends on the situation. Factors such as soil and crop type, weather conditions and timing all come into play. » Read more...
Current issue 2

Making a profit with winter cereals

When it comes to the economics of growing winter cereals such as winter wheat and hybrid fall rye, the numbers don’t tell the full story: Winter wheat and hybrid fall rye land somewhere between the fifth and 16th most profitable crops to be grown in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. » Read more...

SeedMaster Crop Tour

July 26, 2017
Location: Langbank, Sask.
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Alberta Open Farm Days

August 19-20, 2017
Various locations
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