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Farmers Business Network

Accelerating innovation for agri-business

Recently, our prime minister issued a challenge to Canadian agriculture to grow our annual exports to $75 billion by 2025. This will only come through innovation and new technology. Bioenterprise is a great example of a federal-provincial-private partnership to accelerate that innovation.

Alberta's Outstanding Young Farmers chosen

More than 60 people gathered to honour fourth generation farmers Craig and Jinel Ference of Double F Farms (located in Kirriemuir) as Alberta’s Outstanding Young Farmers for 2018. The winners were announced at the Alberta regional event held at the Pomeroy Inn & Suites in Olds, Alta.

Consultation on Crown lands

The Manitoba government has launched a consultation focused on agricultural Crown lands, to ensure upcoming policy changes reflect the views of the industry while improving fairness and transparency in the system, Agriculture Minister Ralph Eichler has announced.
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Dow PrePass

Leave Nothing Behind

For the cleanest start possible in cereals, start with a Dow AgroSciences pre-seed herbicide. We offer four options for superior pre-seed weed control that are better than glyphosate alone.

SoilActive™ technology extends broadleaf weed control, so you control the weeds you see and the weeds you don’t. Spray up to two weeks before seeding and rest easy, knowing you’ll seed into clean fields.

Get better control than glyphosate alone on winter annuals, flushing weeds and volunteer canola, including all herbicide-tolerant canola varieties.

See retailer to purchase. To find out which product is right for you, visit >> Learn more
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ESN MYTH: ESN releases based on soil moisture.

ESN release is controlled by soil temperature, not moisture. Some moisture is needed to initiate the diffusion process and continue dissolving the urea inside the coating, but temperature controls the rate of the process. » Read more...
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ESN MYTH: ESN releases too quickly to be applied pre-plant.

ESN can be applied at or before planting on many crops. The release of nitrogen is controlled by temperature, not time, so cooler spring temperatures prevent the release of too much nitrogen before crop growth. As soil temperatures rise and crops begin to grow faster, more nitrogen is released, closely matching crop demand. » Read more...
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Alpine Solutions

Save time and money when inoculating your pulse crops

The ALPINE Injection Kit has proved to be a convenient and efficient way for growers to inoculate their pulse crops by utilizing their ALPINE G22 starter nutrition as a delivery system for these products. The ALPINE Injection kit allows the grower to save time by not having to treat the seed and it also allows them to free up a tank on their air cart if they have previously been using a granular inoculant. Many growers are noting an additional bump in yield with the combined in-furrow treatments. Call an ALPINE DSM or ALPINE Retailer for all the information.
>> Learn more
Feature Articles 

See you at the Summit!

We’re so excited to see everyone at the Herbicide Resistance Summit in Saskatoon Feb. 27 and 28. We’re less than one week away from learning all about what’s to come in the world of herbicide resistance and how to best deal with herbicide resistant weeds. Register now! » Learn more

Understanding flea beetle control

Research is looking at changes to species, and effectiveness of insecticides and natural predators. Seed treatments were found effective in small plot trials against the beetle. Turn to page six in the newly released Seed Treatment Guide to read more about which seed treatments are right for you. » Learn more

2018 Herbicide Resistance Summit

February 27-28
Saskatoon, Sask.
» Learn More