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Reproduction without pollination

In Canada, the Global Institute for Food Security (GIFS) at the University of Saskatchewan conducts research into transformative innovations in agriculture in both the developed and the developing world. Apomixis is one of those transformative innovations their researchers are exploring to improve agriculture and help combat global hunger.

Understanding the process of pulses

Legume crops are unique in that they can fix much of their own nitrogen (N) requirements from the air to reduce or eliminate the need for N fertilizer.

Starter nitrogen rarely needed for soybean

In an effort to investigate agronomic factors that could push soybean yields higher, research is being conducted to see if there is a yield response to starter nitrogen. But so far the results in Manitoba and Saskatchewan have found that with proper inoculation, starter N doesn’t pay.
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Monsanto BioAg’s BioAdvantage Trial 2017 results

The third year of Monsanto BioAg’s BioAdvantage Trials (BAT) was completed in 2017 with a gathering of agronomists, cooperators, and reps to hear the trials results. A major takeaway was that the future state of agriculture biologicals is promising, with a shift in agriculture towards embracing biological products. The 2018 growing season, for Technical Agronomist Jon Treloar, will be “...about introducing more beneficial organisms into the soil to increase yield potential." » Learn more
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Aggie Days

April 24-25
Lethbridge, Alta.
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CanolaPalooza Alberta

June 27
Lacombe, Alta.
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