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December 28, 2018
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Genetically modified wheat found in Alberta

Not only was this one of our top stories, but the discovery of genetically modified wheat in Alberta also made national news headlines, bringing up concerns about biosecurity and the commercial implications for Canadian wheat shipments.

Revisiting phosphorus recommendations

In Western Canada, phosphorus continues to be removed faster than it’s replaced in cropping systems, but it stayed top of mind for our audience. Elevating P levels are essential for producers who want to make the most of higher yielding crop varieties.

Hit the hardest, Alberta harvest finally wraps up

It was mid-September when cold weather halted harvest progress across the Prairies, and conditions didn’t improve until mid-November. The Alberta government was alerted to $3 billion in unharvested crops until a warm couple of weeks provided a window of opportunity for growers to complete harvest. It’s all over now.

New tools for grain bin monitoring

A cold, wet harvest raises possible storage concerns, so new tools for grain bin monitoring were hot topics this year. From wireless sensors to 3D mapping technology, these products help producers monitor stored grain for spoilage.

Eight top tips for spring nitrogen application in the Prairies

If 2019 is another dry year, many parts of the Prairies may need to adjust nitrogen applications. Whether it’s band or broadcast, adjusting seed-placed fertilizer rates, or split applications, what are the best fertilizer strategies if soil moisture remains low? » Learn more

Pulse rotations show improvements

Wheat yield after pulses is higher than after wheat, but why? Research scientist Yantai Gan’s work is understanding the benefits of pulse rotations for wheat and revealing that pulses increase soil available nitrogen, improve soil moisture reserves, and enhance soil health. » Learn more

Hard white wheat hopes rise again

For the Prairies, hard white wheat has been the “little wheat that could,” but couldn’t quite get over the mountains and into the major leagues of world-class wheat exports. But with the registration of a new spring hard white variety in early 2017, there’s fresh hope for the return of hard white wheat fields to Canada’s breadbasket. » Learn more
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