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February 1, 2019
Taurus - BB1

Peas and lentils no longer exempt from variety registration requirements

Effective Aug. 1, 2019, only registered varieties of peas and lentils will be eligible for No. 1 Canada, the highest grade available for Canadian crops. Unregistered varieties of peas and lentils will only be eligible for No. 3 Canada, the lowest grade established by regulation.

New research chair position at the University of Alberta

The Western Grains Research Foundation is committing $3 million for a research chair in cropping systems at the University of Alberta to study interactions between plants, soils, crop management and the environment.

BASF launches insecticide for soybeans and potatoes

Sefina, BASF’s new insecticide for use on soybean and potato crops, uses Group 9D active ingredient Inscalis to halt aphid feeding, reducing production losses and virus transmission.
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Bayer - SS1

Infinity FX

Three different powerful herbicide Groups have been combined to make one simple solution for cereal growers. Infinity® FX swiftly takes down over 27 different broadleaf weeds, and now, this innovative resistance-management tool is now available in one convenient co-formulation. One jug for ease of use in tote and bulk packaging.

Infinity FX
- Exceptional activity on weeds including industry-leading control of cleavers (up to 9 whorls) and kochia (up to 15 cm in height)
- Excellent resistance management – with the combined strength of three different herbicide Groups on the same weed species, including Group 27 Pyrasulfotole
- Wide window of application

There’s strength in numbers with Infinity FX.
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Featured News 

Reducing variable rate in air seeders

Research from PAMI reveals that there can be up to 20 per cent variation in large air seeders. Variance is not only about wasting inputs, but uneven product distribution can mean differences in seed-placed fertilizer toxicity, crop development, lodging and maturity. What can be done to reduce variance and streamline the seeding process? » Learn more

Raising resistance in wheat

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada research scientist George Fedak has been studying ways to boost resistance to Fusarium head blight as well as leaf and stem rust in spring wheat. It’s hoped that new varieties will be commercially produced that reduce reliance on fungicides, something that will benefit growers’ pocketbooks as well as the environment. » Learn more
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Celebrating 20 years of ESN

ESN® SMART NITROGEN® has been in the field, helping reduce N loss in broadacre agriculture for 20 years. To celebrate our 20-year history and look ahead to the future, read up on a few little-known facts about the development of ESN. » Read more

Ask the Agronomist – Top Questions & Answers for Corn

Wishing you had a fertilizer created especially for your corn? ESN Smart Nitrogen was developed with corn in mind. Its application flexibility and controlled-release make it a smarter nitrogen source for your corn crops. The controlled-nitrogen release ensures that corn plants have the nitrogen they need, when they need it. » Read more


Feb. 13-14
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