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February 14, 2019
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Stocks of field crops down from 2017

Total stocks of most major field crops in Canada were down from the same date in 2017, according to Statistics Canada. Total stocks for wheat, barley, soybeans, corn for grain, lentils, and dry peas were lower than the previous year, while stocks for canola increased.

Record coverage for 2019 AgriInsurance program

Manitoba’s total AgriInsurance coverage for 2019 is expected to exceed $2.8 billion, the highest level of coverage on record. Several program changes will be implemented for the 2019 growing season, including separate yield coverage for types of fall rye and more crops eligible for organic insurance.

Scholarships available for students pursuing agriculture

The Canadian Agri-Business Education Foundation is awarding seven $2,500 scholarships to students entering or currently pursuing an agricultural or agri-food related program. It is the first year the scholarship will be offered in Atlantic Canada.
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Trilex EverGol fungicide seed treatment

Protect your pulse crop from damaging diseases like rhizoctonia, fusarium and ascochyta with Trilex® EverGol® fungicide seed treatment. With a concentrated formula, you have the ability to adjust water volumes so that you can optimize your coverage based on your specific needs. If insects like the pea leaf weevil are a concern, tank-mix with Stress Shield® or use Trilex EverGol SHIELD for additional protection. Pulse seed treatments shouldn’t be one size fits all, and that’s why Trilex EverGol puts more control in your hands. » Find out how  
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Monitor straight cut canola in bins

Straight cutting canola is becoming more popular across the Prairies, partially because of gains in harvest efficiency. However, growers need to be aware that straight cutting canola can pose some unique, although not unmanageable, storage issues. » Learn more

When N budgets don’t add up

Does no-till increase free-living microbial nitrogen fixation? A recently completed project has looked at the nitrogen-fixation contributions of free-living soil microbes in Saskatchewan fields with different tillage histories. » Learn more
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Help your seed succeed!

In years where seeding is delayed early emergence is key to crop success. Nutritional seed dressings like Active PRIME™ help get seeds off to the strongest possible start. By delivering a nutrient package including high phosphorous to help enhance early germination, boost early root growth and maximize genetic potential, Active PRIME™ will help your seed succeed! » Read more

Did you know herbicides can cause seen and unseen stress in the plant?

Active BUILD™ can prevent and minimize plant stress not only from herbicides but other types of stress like rapid growth and unfavourable environmental conditions like drought. It provides the highest concentration of NPK available in a single liquid fertilizer solution, an easy to absorb format and two forms of phosphorous. Active BUILD™ will help keep your crop growing strong! » Read more
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Manitoba Clubroot Tour

Jan. 30 - Mar. 14
» Learn More