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April 4, 2019

Canadian government creates canola working group to resolve market access concerns

In response to market access concerns with China over canola, Canada has created an Industry-Government Canola Working Group and has requested to send a high-level technical delegation to China.

AgriStability deadline approaches on April 30

The deadline for Canadian producers to enrol in the AgriStability Program is April 30, 2019. The program offers financial assistance to producers who experience large margin declines due to production loss, adverse market conditions or increased costs.

Video: All about manure with Jeff Schoenau

Jeff Schoenau covered the nature of manure at the 2019 Soil Management and Sustainability Summit. In our fourth Speaker Spotlight video, Schoenau explains the benefits of manure over fertilizer and provides some take-home messages for farmers when it comes to using manure.
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Bayer Raxil

Raxil® PRO

All growers know one thing: there are no guarantees in the field. With unpredictable weather, infestations, or just bad luck, yields vary from year to year. But, with the #1 cereal seed treatment they don’t have to. That’s why we’re constantly innovating. Because when your seeds emerge stronger, so do you.

Raxil® PRO
- Best-in-class protection from Fusarium graminearum and true loose smut
- Three active ingredients, to protect cereals against a broad spectrum of seed- and soil-borne diseases
- Easy to use with one simple rate regardless of disease pressure in a formulation ideal for both on-farm and commercial application
- Raxil PRO SHIELD has all the benefits of Raxil PRO with the added advantage of Stress Shield® insecticide for effective wireworm control and other plant health benefits.

What you’re really growing is your potential. » Emerge Stronger
Featured News 

Flax fertility: Optimal N and P management for flax

Optimizing fertility can be challenging for such crops as flax, because responses are dependent on environmental conditions, moisture and other factors. Researchers in Western Canada took on the challenge and designed a project to re-evaluate fertility requirements under a broad range of Western Canadian environments in search of optimal N and P rates to increase flax yields. » Learn more

Lentil inputs for best returns

Western Canada leads lentil production globally, with more than 94 per cent grown in Saskatchewan. Over the past few years, research has focused on improving lentil productivity in Saskatchewan, including studies on seeding rates, inoculants, other inputs and economics. The results reveal the optimal approach for producers that has proved to be the most economically feasible. » Learn more
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Trish Meyers

Becoming a 4R Designated Agri-Retailer: What’s In It 4R Me?

Agri-retailers are one of a grower’s best sources for information, and it’s important that an agri-retailer forms a trusted relationship with their grower customers.

For Federated Co-operatives, being a 4R Designated agri-retailer supports their mission to earn and maintain the trusted-advisor status with their customers. The ability to provide scientifically verified nutrient management advice through 4R Nutrient Stewardship improves their grower services and demonstrates a commitment to their customers’ success.
» Read more

Alberta Agriculture Job Fair

April 16
Lethbridge, Alta.
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