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April 18, 2019

AAFC researchers discover new bacteria in soil that can detoxify DON

Researchers from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada have discovered a new bacterial species in soil that produces two enzymes that convert deoxynivalenol to a non-toxic form. With several possibilities for delivery and application, it can be used to detoxify DON at different stages of harvest.

Increased access to satellite imagery for Climate FieldView users

Based off a new global agreement, farmers will be able to access Airbus satellite data of their fields through Climate FieldView, the digital agriculture platform.

Video: Bobbi Helgason discusses long-term soil health from a microbiome perspective

Dr. Bobbi Helgason shared how different cropping system management practices affect soil and plant microbiomes at the 2019 Soil Management and Sustainability Summit. In our sixth Speaker Spotlight video, Helgason talks about long-term practices that improve soil health.
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Bayer - SS1

Infinity FX

Three different powerful herbicide Groups have been combined to make one simple solution for cereal growers. Infinity® FX swiftly takes down over 27 different broadleaf weeds, and now, this innovative resistance-management tool is now available in one convenient co-formulation. One jug for ease of use in tote and bulk packaging.

Infinity FX
- Exceptional activity on weeds including industry-leading control of cleavers (up to 9 whorls) and kochia (up to 15 cm in height)
- Excellent resistance management – with the combined strength of three different herbicide Groups on the same weed species, including Group 27 Pyrasulfotole
- Wide window of application

There’s strength in numbers with Infinity FX.
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Featured News 

Managing wild oat resistance with diversity

Growers are implementing crop rotation as part of their weed management strategy, but are their rotations diverse enough? An 18-year research study compared different crop rotations across high-input, low-input and organic systems. The study measured wild oat density and percentage of wild oats that had Group 1 resistance to uncover the most effective strategy long term. » Learn more

Inter-row spraying holds potential

Researchers at the University of Saskatchewan are looking into a new option for weed control in lentil crops: spraying herbicides between the seed rows to control weeds while avoiding contact with lentil plants. If the concept works, growers could spray weeds later into the growing season, and control late-emerging weeds and weeds that are not controlled by the post-emergence applications. » Learn more
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Nutrien - SC1

Hi-Gest™ + Proven® Seed

Hi-Gest alfalfa technology provides a 5-10% increased rate of fiber digestion, plus an improved leaf-to-stem ratio and greater canopy density that ensures better quality hay for your cows.

With new PV Parlour HG, you get Hi-Gest alfalfa that’s Proven. It has a 3-5% increase in crude protein compared to conventional varieties and can lead to 2.5 pounds of milk per cow/day. Plus, it maintains the yields, persistence and pest resistance you expect from Proven Seed.
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