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April 25, 2019

Less canola, soybeans, lentils and more wheat expected for 2019

Statistics Canada’s latest report on seeding intentions show farmers are influenced by ongoing issues, such as lower crop prices, tariffs and trade disputes and planting less canola, lentils and soybeans in 2019.

Maizex Seeds and BrettYoung announce partnership

Ontario-based seed business Maizex Seeds is partnering with BrettYoung Seeds to expand corn and soybean production in Western Canada and bringing changes to the Elite seed brand.

Video: Making soil great again with David Lobb

Dr. David Lobb presented on the state of soil health in Canada at the 2019 Soil Management and Sustainability Summit. In our final Speaker Spotlight video, Lobb shares ways farmers and agronomists can use the information presented to change their management practices.
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Taurus - SS1

Combat Stress. Enhance Growth.

Early season drought, cold or excessive moisture can dramatically impact yield. Active BUILD™ not only delivers a high concentration of NPK and timely micronutrients that give crops an early edge. It contains a patented biostimulant that triggers growth and equips the plant to fight abiotic stress at the molecular level.

   • Accelerates root growth & nutrient uptake
   • Enhances drought protection
   • Mitigates herbicide stress
   • Promotes stronger stocks, increased leafing
   • Works across wide soil pH spectrum » Learn more
Featured News 

The factors of soybean planting decisions

Contrary to expectations, research on soybean planting decisions found that beans seeded earlier saw higher yields regardless of soil temperature. Calendar date proved to have a greater impact on yield than soil temperature, suggesting that there is a longer window for seeding soybeans than originally expected. » Learn more
Crop Rotation

Diverse rotations are more profitable

Crop rotation, or lack of, greatly impacts yield, but it also impacts profitability. Data from Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation holds a lot of answers for farmers looking for the most profitable crop rotations over the longer term – and it isn’t wheat-canola. » Learn more
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Nutrien - SC1

Hi-Gest™ + Proven® Seed

Hi-Gest alfalfa technology provides a 5-10% increased rate of fiber digestion, plus an improved leaf-to-stem ratio and greater canopy density that ensures better quality hay for your cows.

With new PV Parlour HG, you get Hi-Gest alfalfa that’s Proven. It has a 3-5% increase in crude protein compared to conventional varieties and can lead to 2.5 pounds of milk per cow/day. Plus, it maintains the yields, persistence and pest resistance you expect from Proven Seed.
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