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May 9, 2019

Seeding, snow and soil moisture concerns on the Prairies

It’s a mixed bag of progress with some producers seeding and others seeing snow. However, with abnormally dry conditions across Western Canada, the predicted snow and rain storms, and the moisture they will bring, are welcome news.

Investigating in-soil placement of phosphorus to decrease runoff

A group of Canadian scientists investigate the “right place and right rate” for fertilizer application in the northern Prairies.

Video: Soil Summit highlights

Take a look at highlights from the 2019 Soil Management and Sustainability Summit, and let us know what you would like to learn at the upcoming Plant Health Summit 2020 through our poll.
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Syngenta - SS1

Want more potent disease protection?

Solatenol®, an active ingredient in Trivapro™ and Elatus® fungicides, is an SDHI with a different mode of action than triazole and strobilurin products on the market.

Solatenol binds to the waxy layer of the leaf, preventing the plant from metabolizing it as quickly as competitor fungicides for longer residual disease control. It also has a stronger affinity to fungal pathogen receptor sites than competitors, resulting in higher potency and improved disease control. » SEE HOW SOLATENOL WORKS
Featured News 

Preparing for an emerging threat: wheat stripe rust

Stripe rust is a fairly new fungal leaf disease that has been spreading into Canada as warmer winters allow the pathogen to overwinter farther north in North America. While there are fungicides available, researchers are working towards stripe rust resistance in winter wheat for Ontario, where the threat is most prominent, preparing to combat the rise of more aggressive pathogen races. » Learn more

Soybean disease studies in the Maritimes

Soybean acreage is starting to spread, and over the past 15 years, soybean acreage in the Maritimes has grown. But so has the potential for soybean diseases. Local disease management research is important for advancing soybean production in the region. Researchers with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in Charlottetown are investigating cover crops, fungicides, varieties, and management tips to help soybean growers in the Maritimes. » Learn more