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June 13, 2019
Corteva - BB1

CCGA accepting higher limit cash advance applications

Canadian Canola Growers Association is accepting cash advance applications under the increased Advance Payments Program limits. Applications are being accepted now, with funds issued beginning June 26.

Canada’s realized net farm income down in 2018

Canadian agricultural producers experienced the largest percentage decrease to realized net farm income since 2006, with income falling 45.1 per cent in 2018. More than one-third of the national decrease was attributable to a 68.1 per cent decline in Alberta.

Excellence Award for Ag Students winners announced

Paula Eraso, Charles-Étienne Ferland and Alexandra Stinson were announced as the winners of the 2018-2019 Excellence Award for Ag Students Competition. Each student submitted a response to this year’s competition question, “How can agriculture bridge the increasing rural and urban divide?”
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Fertilizer of the Future

At Bio-Cycle Solutions, we know agriculture must be sustainable. So we are driving sustainability through innovative fertility products.

We believe innovation must lead the way in becoming a fully sustainable industry. So we create fertility solutions for long-term productivity and profitability. For over a decade, our method of managing compostable waste has reduced food waste, and returned it to farmland as nutrient rich fertilizer. We are committed to a cycle of using what we have – to make more of what we need.

We research and develop new products that support our sustainable model, through transparent processes, engagement with retailers, partners and producers. Bio-Cycle Solutions is creating the next generation of crop fertility products for farmers to deliver more food to the world.

We are driving the agriculture industry to be better prepared for the future. » Learn more
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Wet/dry soil problems

Whether the weather is too wet, or too dry, it’s not just right for soil conditions. Marla Riekman’s presentation during the 2019 Soil Summit broke down compaction, salinity and what needs to be done. For much of Western Canada enduring dry weather, Riekman explains the concept of plant available water and how that betters the understanding of compaction and salinity. » Learn more

How might consumer attitudes against genetically modified foods be shifted?

Consumer attitudes toward genetically modified foods in Canada are lukewarm at best. Marketing research out of the University of Saskatchewan took inventory of current attitudes and industry communication and found out that particular changes to the industry’s approach could help shift consumer attitudes. » Learn more
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Evaluating elemental sulphur

Sulphur (S) is an important macronutrient for crop production. While canola is most often recognized in Western Canada as a crop that requires the largest amount of S, most crops benefit from proper S fertilization. Like other macronutrients, sulphur helps optimize yield and quality. However, it is only in understanding how sulphur does this, can the reason for its necessity be fully realized. » Learn more

Alberta canolaPALOOZA

June 26
Lacombe, Alta.
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