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June 21, 2019

Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame chooses six inductees for 2019

Six Canadians, including notable Agriculture and Agri-Food research scientist Cynthia Grant, have been selected to join the Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame as 2019 inductees.

New financial benchmarking report allows farmers to gauge performance

A new report will allow farmers to compare themselves against other profitable farmers in their industry for a better understanding of their own operation’s performance.

How are scientists making wheat more climate resilient?

Wheat is a temperate crop, meaning it’s sensitive to increasing temperatures. Amita Mohan from Washington State University explains several of the ways scientists are helping wheat become more climate resilient.
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Loyal to the soil: intercropping insights

Putting soil first means keeping the soil diverse, covered and alive. With these soil health goals in mind, Derek Axten shared his experience with intercropping during the 2019 Soil Summit. Axten walked through what crops were experimented with, what did residue management look like, and what the results were – for yields and for soil health. » Learn more

Making soil great again

Without great soil, the ability of a field to produce productive and profitable crops is degraded. During the 2019 Soil Summit, David Lobb looked back at the history of soil health in Canada, where it’s been, and where it’s going. In addition, Lobb broke down the cost of bad soil and shared some experiments conducted to regain the greatness of soil. » Learn more
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Increase pollination and fruit set- Alberta grower shares his successes

For canola, soybeans and all other flowering crops, pollination is essential to the success of the crop. Kreg Alde, has been focused on attracting bees and finding solutions to increase pollination and fruit set for his Haskap berries.

Since using, Active Flower™, Kreg has seen his poundage of fruit per plant soar. “Active Flower is integral in helping us achieve high pollen production, which promotes a healthy fruit set. We do not see many spots on the plant without fruit set. The efficiency of flower to fruit is excellent.”
» Learn more about Kreg Alde and how Active Flower™ can help boost your flowering crops

Alberta canolaPALOOZA

June 26
Lacombe, Alta.
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