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June 27, 2019

Producers swap canola for barley in 2019

Canadian farmers expect to plant more barley, corn for grain, dry peas, lentils and oats in 2019, but fewer acres of wheat, canola and soybeans, according to Statistics Canada’s June Field Crop Survey.

Prairie producers on the lookout for bertha armyworm and wheat midge

Wheat midge adults generally emerge during the first week of July, but dry conditions reduce or delay emergence. Areas along the Edmonton to Lethbridge corridor, and southeast of Winnipeg, show the highest percentage of larval population on the soil surface.

Alberta Young Speakers for Agriculture hold annual youth speaking competition

Youth between ages 11 and 24 can win up to $1,000 by entering the Alberta Young Speakers for Agriculture’s annual agriculture speech competition taking place during the Calgary Stampede.
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Featured News 

Management practices that promote beneficial soil and plant microbiomes

What details make a difference to soil health? During the 2019 Soil Summit, Dr. Bobbi Helgason discussed some of the practices growers can use to support soil microbial communities and, ultimately, build soil organic matter. » Learn more

The nature and role of manure

Sometimes manure’s contributions to the presence of micronutrients, like copper and zinc, are forgotten. At the 2019 Soil Summit, Jeff Schoenau emphasized the role of manure in building soil health. Schoenau compared solid and liquid manure and the ways to manage the types of manure to make the most of it as a fertilizer. » Learn more