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October 11, 2019
TCM Podcast - BB1

Harvest lags behind average across the Prairies; Alberta harvest faces largest delays

Alberta is currently experiencing the least amount of progress with only 33 per cent of harvest completed across all major crops. This is significantly behind the five-year average of 53 per cent, but on par with harvest 2018 numbers.

Wet weather increases mycotoxin risk in Western Canada

A recent spate of wet weather across the Prairies has increased the potential for the formation of ochratoxin A, a potent mycotoxin that forms in high moisture conditions in cereals storage.

Ag innovator Terramera wins US$1M in funding

Canadian companies Terramera and Livestock Water Recycling win $1.25 million USD after competing in an agriculture innovation pitching competition in Saskatoon.
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BioCycle  - SS1

Fertilizer of the Future

At Bio-Cycle Solutions, we know agriculture must be sustainable. So we are driving sustainability through innovative fertility products.

We believe innovation must lead the way in becoming a fully sustainable industry. So we create fertility solutions for long-term productivity and profitability. For over a decade, our method of managing compostable waste has reduced food waste, and returned it to farmland as nutrient rich fertilizer. We are committed to a cycle of using what we have – to make more of what we need.

We research and develop new products that support our sustainable model, through transparent processes, engagement with retailers, partners and producers. Bio-Cycle Solutions is creating the next generation of crop fertility products for farmers to deliver more food to the world.

We are driving the agriculture industry to be better prepared for the future. » Learn more
Featured News 

Intermediate wheatgrass as a dual use crop

Intermediate wheatgrass has been grown as a forage grass in Western Canada for many decades. But in recent years, the University of Manitoba’s Doug Cattani has been developing the crop for Prairie grain production. Now, Cattani is investigating the possibility of having both uses, as a food grain and forage crop, in a single year. » Learn more

Recovering from hail damage

After a storm passes, farmers face difficult management decisions on what to do with what is left of the crop. Research in Alberta, otherwise known as the hail capital of Canada, sought to answer some of the commonly asked questions following a hailstorm. » Learn more
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Corteva - SS2

Hitting the right target

A good herbicide plan is dependent on several variables: what weeds will be targeted, what crop will be treated, and what type of application will be used? When is the best time to spray, and how can you best hit your target? With so many elements – many of which are dependent on one another – it’s crucial for growers to be as informed as possible. But as Dave Kloppenburg and Jeff Loessin from Corteva Agriscience advise, a combined approach of best practices and products will provide the greatest return on your investment. » Read more
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Koch - SC1

Optimize Your Fertilizer

Selecting what fertilizer best fits your operation can be a difficult process — this likely isn’t a surprise to you. With so many factors playing into the equation, how do you decide what details to consider to ensure your crops get the essential nutrients they need? » Learn more