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October 18, 2019

A look at what agronomic practices influence protein in pulse crops

As interest grows in plant-based proteins, Mark Olson, unit head of the Pulse Crops Cropping Systems section with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, takes a look at what agronomic practices can influence protein in pulse crops.

Fertilizer Canada calls upon federal government to formally adopt 4R nutrient strategy

Fertilizer Canada has called upon all the political parties to better recognize the agriculture industry’s contributions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and formally adopt the 4R Nutrient Stewardship strategy as the standard for nutrient management.

Manitoba government introduced streamlined approach to agricultural drainage

The Manitoba government has launched a new approach to drainage under The Water Rights Act that will streamline the approval process for producers and landowners, including making the process available online.
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Optimizing fall fertilizer applications

What crops benefit from a fall fertilizer application, and when, where, and how should you approach it? Robert Mullen, director of agronomy sales for Nutrien, joins us on this episode of Inputs, to share some best practices. » Listen Here

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Using biobeds to dissipate pesticide rinsate

Typically after pesticide application, farmers rinse the sprayer with water and cleaning agents and then spray the rinsate out on the field that was just completed – three times for best safety. Biobeds are a new and convenient way to prevent pesticide rinsate from entering the environment and contaminating water. » Learn more

The weed shuffle: what’s changing in Manitoba

Working on the frontlines, Manitoba weed specialist Tammy Jones is seeing an increase in volunteer canola, kochia and other weeds. She is on the alert for outbreaks of new problems like Palmer amaranth, waterhemp and giant ragweed. Jones points to five actions a grower can take to stay ahead of the changing spectrum. » Learn more
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Storing polyphosphates

There are some important things to remember when storing polyphosphates. Temperature increases of the polyphosphate solution will cause degradation. Store polyphosphates in lighter colored storage containers. That will help keep product temperature down compared to darker storage containers. » Learn more