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October 24, 2019

Long weekend brings on longer harvest in Manitoba

Snow blanketed regions of Manitoba over the Thanksgiving long weekend and impacted the province’s harvest progress. While Manitoba is only 10 per cent behind its three-year average, all the latest provincial crop reports reveal that being behind is the new normal.

Manitoba names new agriculture minister

Blaine Pedersen, who comes from a background of cattle and grain operations, has been named the minister of the new department of agriculture and resource development for Manitoba.

Bayer launches three new Dekalb straight-cut canola hybrids

Bayer announced three new canola hybrids for that are optimized for straight-cutting at harvest and believe straight-cutting canola will account for two thirds of the canola market by 2020.
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Results with less time in the field

Less time in the field means more time to accomplish other things on your to-do list. Phosphate-based MicroEssentials® delivers two forms of sulfur: sulfate and elemental. One nourishes plants right away, the other throughout the growing season. Because of its Fusion® Technology, each MicroEssentials granule is nutritionally balanced to avoid hot spots and increase nutrient uptake. With your soil fertility covered all season long, your crops will be set up for maximum yield potential and you’ll have more time to do the things that matter to you. » Learn more
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Restoring perennial plant communities

A researcher at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Swift Current Research and Development Centre in Saskatchewan says some of Canada’s native plant species are at risk of dying out – but these species have a lot to offer plant breeders and farmers in Canada. » Learn more

Rust-proofing Prairie oat varieties

Resistant cultivars are a great tool for dealing with oat crown rust, but the pathogen is troublingly fast at overcoming resistance genes. Continually fighting back, Prairie researchers are screening oat lines for resistance to the current races, creating oat varieties with multiple resistance genes, and developing gene markers to enable more efficient breeding. » Learn more
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Optimizing fall fertilizer applications

What crops benefit from a fall fertilizer application, and when, where, and how should you approach it? Robert Mullen, director of agronomy sales for Nutrien, joins us on this episode of Inputs, to share some best practices. » Listen here

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Finding the perfect nitrogen blend.

Nitrogen is an essential input cost that every farmer must account and plan for. Nitrogen cost can influence the fertilizer source they choose or how much they apply. With the advantages ESN offers to farmers, it should be considered when evaluating their nitrogen programs. Using the recommended amount of ESN in a fertilizer blend can maximize both crop yield and profitability. » Learn more

Retailers share their perspectives on ESN Smart Nitrogen.

“We can’t control the market, but what we can do is try to maximize the top yields that we can,” Tennessee Nutrien retailer Craig Massey said. “If a farmer hasn’t tried ESN, I’d say just take a field. 20 acres, 100 acres, just split a field and try it out.” » See what else Massey and other retailers had to say about ESN