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November 7, 2019

Canola storage considerations as winter approaches

Producers are encouraged to closely monitor canola bins in November to ensure the canola seed is stable as temperatures drop.

Helping quinoa brave the heat

Quinoa doesn’t do well in high temperatures and temperatures above 35 C often result in lower seed yield. As a result, plant breeders out of Washington State University are finding better ways to incorporate heat tolerance into new varieties.

Alberta Wheat Commission announces new directors; positions still open

The Alberta Wheat Commission welcomed new directors and regional representatives, but is still looking for more farmers in regions one and five to help fill positions.
TCM Podcast - SS1

Podcast: Managing risk with crop rotation

As producers plan and think ahead, a well-balanced crop rotation is one way to mitigate agronomic and business risk on the operation. Darren Bond, farm management specialist with Manitoba Agriculture, joins us on this episode of Inputs to discuss what’s involved with good crop rotation. Bond touches on weeds, pests and disease management, changing varieties, weather considerations, as well as the economics of it all. » Listen here
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Maintaining rust resistance in modern flax cultivars

If it’s not broken - try and make it better anyway. Screening for resistance for rust remains a priority in flax breeding programs, despite no outbreak of flax rust since the 1970s. Still, plant breeders are making sure they develop good molecular markers so they can look outside of North America and cross with material from other parts of the world in order to improve traits such as yield and seed quality, while still having the needed resistance genes in the material. » Learn more

The impact of source and placement of nitrogen fertilizers on canola

Research has shown a number of benefits of in-soil banding of nitrogen (N) fertilizer, including reduced potential for N losses, improved nitrogen use efficiency, and also improvements in crop yield and quality. However, with growing farm sizes in Western Canada, there has been some movement back to broadcast application of N for various operational reasons. » Learn more
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Corteva Pioneer - SS2

Grow Pioneer® brand corn

Pioneer® brand offers more silage corn products than any other corn company in Western Canada, from the earliest maturing silage corn hybrids, to full-season hybrids. Within the Pioneer® brand corn product range, get root worm and corn borer protection with our new Optimum® AcreMax® Xtreme technology. All Pioneer® brand corn hybrids are bred in the West at our Corteva Agriscience™ research stations and are tested to ensure consistent performance in each maturity zone. Together, Pioneer® brand corn products offer you exceptional nutritional quality with high starch content and leading tonnage yields for your livestock.

To learn more contact your Pioneer sales representative or visit
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Why Soil Health is Important

Growers today strive to be as efficient as possible — both for the benefit of their bottom lines, and to be good stewards of the land. It is important to keep in mind the large impact that fertilizer input can have on both. » Learn more