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Monitor straight cut canola in bins

Straight cutting canola is becoming more popular across the Prairies, partially because of gains in harvest efficiency. However, straight cutting canola can pose some unique, although not unmanageable, storage issues.

Chickpea-flax intercrops show promise

Despite interest among growers, the industry is still catching up in terms of agronomic research and resources. In 2017, research began examining the effect of crop placement, flax seeding rate and nitrogen rate on development and yield of a chickpea-flax intercrop.

Fertilizer management of alfalfa

Alfalfa is an excellent yielding crop, but removes a relatively high amount of soil nutrients. Ensuring adequate soil fertility and wisely managing nutrient applications is key to growing alfalfa successfully.

Video: Don Flaten discusses nitrogen management for high-yielding spring wheat

Don Flaten shared research revisiting nitrogen management recommendations for high-yielding spring wheat at the 2019 Soil Management and Sustainability Summit.

Soybean response to potassium fertility in Manitoba

Over the past few years, reports of soybean potassium (K) deficiencies in Manitoba have been increasing. As soybean acreage increases, it’s about time that K fertilizer recommendations are updated as well.
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Webinar: Early seeding dates for spring wheat

Research and experience in Ontario and South Dakota have shown that dormant seeding of spring wheat offers significant advantages, but can it work on the Prairies? Brain Beres, with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Lethbridge, and Graham Collier, from the University of Alberta, shared the latest from their study on early seeding dates for spring wheat. » Learn more

Practical answers for fababean growers

When Alberta’s fababean acreage leapt from about 8,000 acres in 2012 to 110,000 acres in 2015, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry researchers started to get more questions about fababean agronomy. Now after conducting a three-year research project, pulse research scientist Robyne Bowness has information to answer growers’ questions on four crucial issues: herbicide residues, fungicides, desiccants and nutrients. » Learn more

When N budgets don’t add up

Does no-till increase free-living microbial nitrogen fixation? Some soil microbes fix nitrogen without being in a relationship with a plant. A recently completed project has looked at the nitrogen-fixation contributions of these free-living microbes in Saskatchewan fields with different tillage histories. » Learn more
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Optimizing fall fertilizer applications

What crops benefit from a fall fertilizer application, and when, where, and how should you approach it? Robert Mullen, director of agronomy sales for Nutrien, shared his expertise on one of our most listened to episodes. » Learn more...

Takeaways from the Canola Discovery Forum 2019

Canola was a hot topic in 2019 for many reasons. This podcast episode recapped some of the conversations had at the Canola Discovery Forum about integrated pest management, producer plans for the future, and the ongoing trade dispute. » Learn more...


Jan. 14-15
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