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University of Saskatchewan researchers help crack canola genome

An international group of researchers have successfully sequenced the genome for canola, which will have important implications for the future of canola breeding and trait selection.

CWRC invests $9.6 million for wheat breeding

The Canadian Wheat Research Coalition has invested more than $9.6 million for the development of spring wheat cultivars with improved yield potential and greater resistance to disease and pests.

Alberta farmers urged to participate in agricultural research survey

Team Alberta urges farmers and ranchers to participate in a governmental survey and information sessions aimed at better understanding what farmer-led research means to Alberta farmers.
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Fertilizer that works as hard as you

In your field, time is limited. Inefficient crop nutrition can take that time away. MicroEssentials® SZ® ensures not one second is wasted. The secret? Two forms of sulfur: sulfate and elemental. One nourishes plants right away, the other throughout the growth cycle. That means season-long availability of this vital nutrient, which MicroEssentials SZ combines with phosphorus, nitrogen and zinc into one balanced granule for increased nutrient uptake and uniform nutrient distribution. And when you see healthier crops and higher yields, you might find you've got time for everything else that matters. » Learn More
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A not-so-basic test: plant tissue testing

Plant tissue testing is a useful metric of the effectiveness of fertility programs, but only if adequate criteria have been established for the crop being tested. For plant tissue testing to be reliable, each crop variety needs to be calibrated to establish the baseline for nutrient levels. What are the issues separating the reality of plant tissue testing from what it could be? » Learn more

Ideal conditions for soybeans

The soybean industry in Manitoba has grown rapidly over the last few years in part due to the introduction of better-adapted varieties. However, soybeans remain a cold-sensitive crop and can be affected by temperature in a number of ways. Research conducted in Manitoba looked at how tillage or oat, wheat, or canola stubble affect soil temperature and soybean emergence. » Learn more

Register before the early bird deadline!

Our early bird rate for the Plant Health Summit is ending on Jan. 24, a month away from the event itself! The Summit, to be held from Feb. 25 to 26, 2020, in Saskatoon, will cover a range of topics, from improving fertilization to maximizing fungicide use. The latest in plant health will be covered including plant growth regulators, insect beneficials, and smart farming. Take advantage of the early bird price of $120 and register today. » Register here

Manitoba Ag Days

Jan. 21-23
Brandon, Man.
» Learn more


Jan. 28-30
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Feb. 12-13
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