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Manitoba updates trespassing legislation

Amendments to the Petty Trespasses Act, the Occupiers Liability Act and the Animal Diseases Act would clarify how landowners can respond to concerns about trespassing on private property.

Podcast: Healthy soil, healthy ROI

Martin Entz, Claudia Wagner-Riddle and Brian Dougherty discuss soil health, the importance of maintaining it, and responsible drainage practices with ag editor Bree Rody.

New PPO inhibitor herbicide under review for Canada

Pending review and registration by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA), Gowan Canada and ISK Biosciences hope to make Tergeo available to Canadian growers for the 2022 season.
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Kochia, a familiar foe

Join us on March 16 for the first webinar in the Resistance Management Webinar Series where Chris Hansen, Bayer CropScience, will present on kochia research conducted over the last few years and share helpful actions you can integrate into your operation to manage this continuing pest. Register for the series today.

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If your corn plants could talk...

Applying some N fertilizer at planting and some in-season can be a good option for corn production. However, accurately assessing just how much N to apply in-season – to meet but not exceed the crop’s requirements – can be tricky. Gaétan Parent and Curtis Cavers are co-leading an AAFC project on an alternative method for determining in-season N needs under Quebec and Manitoba conditions. » Learn more

Insect invasion: Non-native pest threats

Invasive insect pests can be a major pain for Canadian growers, causing damage to yields and profits. Meghan Vankosky, a field crop entomologist at AAFC’s Saskatoon Research and Development Centre, is working with fellow scientists in Winnipeg and Ottawa on a project aimed at learning more about potential insect invaders and where they could inflict the greatest damage. » Learn more
#TBT: Newsworthy in March 2020 

Effects of COVID-19 on Canadian agriculture

The novel coronavirus and the disease it causes, COVID-19, have been all over the news recently. Health recommendations and government policy have been changing on an almost daily basis, but the growing impact the disease is having globally merits serious attention. » Read more

China’s Canadian canola ban reaches one-year mark

On March 1, 2019, China suspended the export permit of Richardson International Ltd. This was followed by bans against all Canadian canola exporters as part of the diplomatic battle between Canada and China. » Read more

Microbes play important role in soil’s nitrogen cycle

Microbes play an important role in making nutrients available to plants – these roles are distinct and influenced by environmental activity. Xinda Lu, MIT research scientist, and his team discuss the different roles that soil microbes have in the nitrogen cycle. » Read more
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Myth: ESN releases nitrogen when the coating breaks down in the soil

ESN’s coating encapsulates a soluble nitrogen fertilizer. The coating forms a protective barrier that acts as a semi-permeable membrane surrounding the fertilizer granule. Molecular-size pores in the polymer coating allow water to enter the granule, dissolving the soluble fertilizer which then diffuses out through the coating into the soil. The rate of the process is controlled by soil temperature. » Continue Reading

4R nutrient stewardship with ESN Smart Nitrogen

Nutrien Ag Solutions Branch Manager Graham McIntosh discusses how ESN fits into the 4Rs (right place, time, source and rate) for both the retailer and the farmer. Learn how ESN drives all four nutrient stewardship practices while also contributing to higher yields. » Continue Reading

Top Crop Summit

Access the on-demand and recorded live sessions today! » Read more