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Cleanfarms releases national report on ag plastics use

This research provides in-depth figures that will help guide the ag sector as it explores how agricultural plastics packaging and products can contribute to Canada’s emerging circular economy.

CP sets grain shipping record for 2020/21 crop year

This is the fourth consecutive year that Canadian Pacific (CP) has broken its annual movement record. Including grain moved in containers, CP moved a total of 31.21 MMT, up 3.4 per cent from last crop year.

Syngenta launches soybean and corn seed treatment for Pythium control

Vayantis contains picarbutrazox, a new active ingredient from a novel chemical class with no known cross-resistance in soybeans or corn, which has demonstrated high efficacy against Pythium pathogens.
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Protection Through Dry Conditions

Despite dry weather conditions expanding across North America, this finished fertilizer is proven to protect your nitrogen and maximize your investment. Whether there’s a dry spell or saturated soil, your nutrients are protected against all three forms of nitrogen loss — volatilization, leaching and denitrification. This is the solution that ensures your nitrogen will be taken up by crops and not lost to the environment — giving you security in any weather. » Go Premium
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Soil sample time

Digging into weed seed mortality in the soil

Herbicide-resistant weeds are some of the toughest weed problems around. Alternative control methods that target these weeds at different stages of their life cycles are being developed and adopted. Charles Geddes, AAFC research scientist in weed ecology and cropping systems, is leading a project focusing on weed seeds while they are in the soil seedbank and possible management practices. » Learn more
Tapping into powerful potential

Tapping into powerful potential

Although weed genomics has lagged behind genomics research on crops, insect pests and pathogens, work in this area is growing. This effort includes advances by a group of AAFC weed scientists, who recently produced a complete map of Canada fleabane’s genome – an invaluable tool for understanding the weed’s mechanisms of resistance and a possible first step in developing novel control options. » Learn more

How data can help you during harvest

You’ve collected your farm data through the season – but as harvest approaches, how can you ensure you’re set up for success? Good data in is good data out, and in this episode, Chapin Bell, Climate Business Manager for FieldView in Manitoba and southern Saskatchewan, breaks down how you can put your data to work at harvest time. Bell shares pre-harvest best practices, like ensuring your apps and equipment are compatible, and tips to understand what your data is telling you. » Listen now...
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Protection Through Dry Conditions

Have security in any weather with a finished fertilizer proven to protect against volatilization, leaching and denitrification. This solution safeguards your nitrogen through any weather condition — from dry spells to saturated soil. It also helps ensure your nitrogen stays available for the crop, allowing for maximized investments. » Learn more

Help us improve the 2022 Top Crop Summit

After more than a year of virtual events, we’d love to know what works for you when it comes to virtual events. » Read more