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FCC advises planning ahead in case of interest rate hikes

According to Farm Credit Canada, markets are bracing for the Bank of Canada to raise interest rates in 2022. It advises to start planning now to avoid any financial shocks caused by the fluctuation.

IWCA Podcast Series: Leona Staples

Leona Staples, president of The Jungle Farm in Red Deer, Alta., is passionate about sharing the story of agriculture with everyone she meets and offering students unforgettable knowledge about how food is produced.

Koch PGPR product now available in Canada

Synthos is a phosphate-soluble liquid plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria product and highly effective nutrient enhancer used to increase yield on a wide variety of crops, including wheat and canola.
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Koch Centuro

It’s Time To Make a Nitrogen Plan

In the world of agriculture, success is never a guarantee. It’s why you have to take the right steps to set yourself up to optimize your nitrogen investment. Add a nitrification inhibitor like CENTURO® nitrogen stabilizer to your plan and to your spring-applied anhydrous to slow the conversion of ammonium and minimize nitrogen leaching beyond the root zone. CENTURO is noncorrosive to the metals used in anhydrous ammonia equipment, and if you apply it at the right time, you can minimize your loss while boosting your yield potential. Keep reading to get other helpful tips about guarding your nitrogen investment.

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Reducing the impact of FHB in barley

Reducing the impact of FHB in barley

Not just a disease of concern for wheat growers, Fusarium head blight is also recognized as a barley production issue across the Prairies, for both malt and feed production. Current management tools do not completely mitigate risk. So, researchers like AAFC’s Kelly Turkington are investigating potential crop management strategies for FHB suppression in barley. » Learn more
Take-all in cereals

Take-all in cereals

Compared to the mid- to late 1990s, take-all isn’t often a problem these days except in continuous cereals or where wheat has been planted into grassland. In a sense, take-all’s apparent disappearance from most producers’ radar is a good news story, as the disease can be prevented via standard agronomic approaches. But take-all hasn’t disappeared and can still crop up if conditions are right. » Learn more
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Koch SuperU

Protection Through Dry Conditions

Have security in any weather with a finished fertilizer proven to protect against volatilization, leaching and denitrification. This solution safeguards your nitrogen through any weather condition — from dry spells to saturated soil. It also helps ensure your nitrogen stays available for the crop, allowing for maximized investments. » Learn more...
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