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Rain o’er me: Prairie provinces see much-needed rain

The Prairies are finally seeing some rain. While it is too late in many cases to help crops and is causing harvest delays, it remains excellent news for soil moisture levels and hay and pasture crops.

Podcast: Minimizing yield loss during harvest

With harvest now in high gear for many crops, and the yield toll exacted this year by the drought, reviewing how to minimize harvest losses can help maximize your return in the bin.

GARS and Corteva partner for heat blast-insured canola seed

Through this collaboration, The Heat Advantage insurance will now be included with every purchase of Brevant seeds’ Nexera canola for farmers in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta.
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Inputs: The podcast

Sampling for soybean cyst nematode

Often called “the hidden yield robber,” soybean cyst nematode is hard to see, but it can have devastating effects on a soybean crop. An integrated management approach, including the use of resistant varieties, is necessary. But as fall approaches, it’s important to scout your fields and sample your fields for SCN.

In this episode, Albert Tenuta, field crop pathologist with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, discusses how to properly sample soil for soybean cyst nematode, and shares some helpful management practices too.
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“The big bad”

Upping wheat’s defences against “the big bad”

Prairie researchers have teamed up to give spring wheat varieties multi-pronged defences against wheat midge attacks – one of the “big bad” insect pests of wheat, according to AAFC entomologist Tyler Wist. At present, wheat midge-tolerant varieties are the main tool for control. But these varieties all rely on a single gene, so there is concern the midge will evolve to defeat this gene. » Learn more
New barley traits

New barley traits for better malt, beer and malt whisky

Along with ongoing advances in agronomic traits, the malting barley varieties released by the Field Crop Development Centre at Olds College in Alberta are meeting the increasingly diverse needs of the malt beverage industry. A key aspect of the centre’s malting breeding program is the addition of new market-driven specialty traits into its varieties, according to FCDC barley breeder Flavio Capettini. » Learn more
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Protection through Dry Conditions

Have security in any weather with a finished fertilizer proven to protect against volatilization, leaching and denitrification. This solution safeguards your nitrogen through any weather condition — from dry spells to saturated soil. It also helps ensure your nitrogen stays available for the crop, allowing for maximized investments. » Learn more...

Soil Active Herbicides Help Manage Weed Resistance

Soil active herbicides are a great addition to any weed management program. By reducing weed pressures early on, crops can get off to a strong start in the spring.
With different active ingredients and application timings, soil active herbicides can help tackle troublesome resistant weeds and slow down the development of herbicide resistance.
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