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Cdn Potato Summit

StatsCan: Lower yields in all principal field crops except grain corn in 2021

Canadian farmers produced more grain corn but less wheat, canola, barley, soybeans and oats in 2021 compared with 2020. Lower yields were driven largely by drought conditions in Western Canada, resulting in lower production.

Manitoba invests in updating watershed district signage

Watershed districts are formed as a partnership between the province and local municipalities to protect, restore and manage water resources, re-aligning 18 conservation districts to watershed-based boundaries.

The Summit Sweepstakes return for the 2022 Top Crop Summit

The Top Crop Summit returns virtually on Feb. 16 and 23, 2022. To celebrate the month of December, we’re giving away 40 free passes that will give you access to both the East- and West-centric presentations.
Breeding perennial wheatgrass

Breeding perennial wheatgrass

Perennial intermediate wheatgrass is a multifunctional crop that may as well come straight out of a fairy tale: it’s a hardy, soil-building option for producers that returns reliable yields for food grain and forage year after year. At the University of Manitoba’s plant science department, breeder Doug Cattani has been working to develop Prairie-friendly intermediate wheatgrass cultivars for the last decade. » Learn more...

Are pre-harvest applications necessary for straight-cut canola?

With roughly 50 per cent of canola now straight-combined, the practice has become commonplace with growers. What is lesser known is whether straight-combined canola needs a pre-harvest application or a desiccant to help make the operation more successful. A three-year research trial in Saskatchewan and Manitoba looked into that question. » Learn more...
Winter wheat

Successful winter wheat stand establishment

How late can you seed? How much nitrogen fertilizer to put down with the seed, if any? Is spring broadcast N efficient? These are some of the questions farmers consider when seeding winter wheat in the fall. The answers very much depend on where you farm and how much risk you can tolerate. Demonstration projects in Saskatchewan have built upon previous research to help provide some answers. » Read more...
Whear disease

Lessening the impact of Fusarium head blight in wheat

Fusarium head blight, caused by F. graminearum, has become well-established throughout the Prairie region, resulting in widespread outbreaks of FHB, associated yield and grade losses and deoxynivalenol (DON) contamination. Researchers, like AAFC’s Kelly Turkington, are investigating potential cropping strategies to lessen the impact of FHB for production of various wheat classes. » Read more...