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Here's a quick peek at the stories we're working on for our Nov/Dec issue…
"Thank you" special section
Join us in thanking hard working aquaculture producers who have kept fish on our family dinner tables over the last 6 months during the pandemic. Advertise your thanks in our special reduced price "Thank You" section and share your company's story. More details here.
Salmon Farming Year in Review
'Respond, recover, and thrive,' appears to be the mantra of salmon farmers as they navigate impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic. Hear from key players Mowi, Cermaq, Cooke Aquaculture, Grieg BC and Creative Salmon as they look back on the past six months and look ahead to 2021. Leaders of major salmon industry associations in North America also give their perspectives.
Oyster growers ready to bid 2020 goodbye
"Unique and interesting" is an understatement when describing 2020. And as the hardest hit by the shutdowns among seafood growers, no group is more in a hurry to make a fresh start than oyster growers. America's oyster farmers recall the year's challenges and hopes.
Feed sustainability
Innovation in the biggest contributor to aquaculture outlay and footprint is paramount, says expert
Diverging paths
Two British Columbia farms couldn't be more different in their trajectories. Both starting out as a prototype farms to test the feasibility of RAS in raising salmonid growouts, one them is now ready for expansion, while the other abandons its pursuit to focus on another species entirely: sablefish. Read their stories.

Last, but not least
Tilapia, shrimp and steelhead trout producers look back at a year full of challenges and learning.
Plus, industry news, developments, opinions, policy updates and more about fish farming throughout North America.
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for Nov/Dec issue
October 8
Nov/Dec issue
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October 8
Nov/Dec issue
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