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Harness the power of personalized panel and oligo design! Standard BioTools™ experts will help you design assays for any project, and our design technology refines sequences based on historical data to optimize detection of critical aquaculture pathogens such as aquatic herpes viruses, CCV, IHNV or EHNV. Our offerings extend to genotyping, gene expression and targeted sequencing primers compatible with real-time and NGS techniques.

  • Assays are synthesized to correct concentrations ready to be tested.
  • GT and GE primers arrive in 96-well plates arranged in requested layouts, and targeted-sequencing primers (TSP) arrive pooling-ready.
Our nanoliter reaction volumes align perfectly with our integrated fluidic circuits (IFCs) but can be scaled for traditional 96-well plates. With our IFCs, enjoy simultaneous processing of thousands of samples and pathogens, providing unbeatable cost-effectiveness.

Begin your genomic revolution at d3.standardbio.com or email assay_design_group@standardbio.com. Use the reference promo code ‘AQUATECHD3’ for 10% off your first oligo order.

Discover our X9 High-throughput Genomics System at standardbio.com/x9.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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