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Cermaq abandons expansion plans in Nova Scotia

Cermaq Canada is dropping its plans to expand in Nova Scotia because it is “unable to locate enough sites at this time.”

AquaChile converts lab to COVID-19 test site

AquaChile has converted its laboratory in Puerto Montt, Chile, exclusively for COVID-19 testing for the southern part of the country, a company statement said.
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YSI 5500D Dissolved Oxygen Monitor

With flexible installation options, the YSI 5500D continuous dissolved oxygen monitor can be used to monitor up to 4 live wells on fishing boats or shoreline operations. YSI’s Optical DO sensors require no membrane changes, no electrode cleaning, no stirring requirement and less frequent calibrations.  Alarm levels can be easily programmed into the monitor and, when connected to light or siren systems, will alert the crew of changing water quality conditions. >>Learn More

Microplastics in the food chain? Help is on the way

News that plastics are finding their way into our food supply created buzz not too long ago, but help could be at hand. » Read more

Hawaii R&D firm eyes seaweed, other finfish

The Kona-based research company that helped develop Hawaiian kampachi (Seriola rivoliana) as a new aquaculture species is setting its sights on other finfish, and seaweed. » Read more
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Sinking or Floating from a Single System.

With Extru-Tech’s ADT (Advanced Densification Technology), the possibilities are far reaching. ADT technology gives you the option to produce sinking feeds with excellent consistency and density. That same ADT technology can produce floating feeds with high protein characteristics … all from a single extrusion system.

In the aquafeed business, you either sink or swim. Contact Extru-Tech today at 785-284-2153 or visit us online at
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