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At Annex, one of our six core values is CARE, which is defined as “fosters empathy, respect, trust and balance”. We want to better understand how we are upholding this value and that comes from hearing directly from our very own Annexers. We want to make sure individuals feel supported, that their rights, needs and differences are respected, that they are comfortable using their voice and know they are heard. Help us understand where we are so we can keep pushing the needle in the right direction, as we strive to do with each of our core values.

Annex has partnered with two independent consulting firms to help conduct this survey and understand the aggregate results; Inclusive Kind and Bramm Research Inc. This survey is confidential, voluntary and completely anonymous. All information will be collected directly by Bramm Research, not Annex. Personal and sensitive information disclosed in this survey will never be disclosed, and will only be presented to us in aggregate results. No individual responses will be shared with Annex. We encourage all Annexers to participate where they are comfortable.

Use this link to COMPLETE SURVEY.

The survey will remain open until Friday June 30th.

Got a question? Contact Pero or Michelle in HR.